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Korena offers haircuts and styling for men, woman, children and the entire family!  Coloring & highlighting, lowlighting, permanent waving, waxing, lash and brow tinting.  She also specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and neuro-muscular massage therapy.

Korena is a native West Texan, having lived right here in Lubbock, TX for her entire life.  After graduating from Lubbock High School, Korena trained at Jessie Lee’s School of Hair Design to receive her state licensing as a cosmetologist.  She then furthered her education entering into massage therapy through training from Healing Arts Massage Therapy.  She now has over 20 years of experience as a cosmetologist and message therapist.


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Lilly offers message therapy, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and reki massage, as well as massage cupping.

Lilly has been in the massage profession for 14 years, and loves her work.  She attended massage school at Midland College in Midland, TX.  Besides being a massage therapist, she loves singing karaoke with her family and also loves working on do it yourself projects.


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The field of Periodontics, or care for the gums and bones that hold teeth in the mouth is rapidly growing and the understanding is continually improving.  Not too many years ago, all we could hope for was to stop the breakdown.  But it was generally a wait and hope approach.  The treatments were very mechanically based and were typically surgical.  The hope was that after the treatment and a period of healing, the gum tissue would stay healthy, but the reality was that it was generally still bleeding and there were generally ongoing destructive processes that hadn’t been addressed.

Today there are multiple tools to help understand individual conditions.  Things like genetic susceptibility tests and advanced laser therapy directed at the bacteria causing the destruction rather than the human tissue has created a huge leap in our ability to care for the soft tissue and bone.  There is no longer any reason to lose teeth over our lifetime, and that is even more important now as we are living.[/toggle]

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The progression of understanding of the bite starts back in the late 1800s.  The thinking was to make all the teeth hit at the same time and that would make the bite work better.  As this wasn’t a comprehensive view of the mouth, it evolved to include proper meshing of the bumps and grooves on the teeth.  Of course our bodies are much more complex than that and the view of bite evolved to include proper jaw joint function.  This additional perspective allowed the profession to make better decisions, but the reality is that people are more than the alignment of the teeth and bones.

As the technology advanced, some dentists began taking a look at muscle function as well as tooth and bone relationships.  It has been found that 90% of pain in the body is muscle in origin and it stands to reason that 90% of pain in the head and neck would also be muscle in origin.  The job of the muscles in the head and neck are essentially either to provide support and function for the mouth, or to provide support for the airway and the head.  It happens these are all interrelated and all critical to understand in providing patients the opportunity to enjoy optimal function and comfort.



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